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Is Color Perception Subjective?

The perception of color is a very interesting thing.

No one sees color in exactly the same way as the rest. For each person, all shades are a little different and no one will ever know which ones.

I decided to introduce the topic #non-grayhairstrokes in a year.

Using the eyedropper tool, I randomly chose the color of the hairs on both eyebrows in several places, and added a gray color at the bottom for comparison. Write in the comments — what color do you see?

Sometimes on pink skin, the perception of cool or neutral brown is distorted, especially if it is a thin line.

And it may seem that the eyebrows "gray out" (my favorite word). But this is far from true.

"Gray" eyebrows

In general, gray eyebrows are not bad, and moreover, 70% of eyebrows just have the color of natural hairs from gray-brown to gray. You can see for yourself in the carousel.

And what do you think about the way these hair strokes look one year after, by the way?

The eyebrows on the photo are almost one year old, minus a couple of weeks. Before the touch-up.

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