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Answers to the Most Frequent Questions About BROVI Pigments


The idea of creating our own pigments was prompted by the lack of high-quality inks on the market that would meet all professional requirements.

We created the first batch for our own consumption in the studio. At that time, we did not have the objective of finding the ideal ratio of colors and ingredients to compete with the big companies in the beauty industry.

We worked on colors, tested formulas, until one day we finally came up with the ones that seemed to be the most successful to us and our colleagues. Besides our employees, many PMU artists were involved in the testing, who in fact became the first regular buyers of these inks.

Officially, sales of pigments under the BROVI brand started in 2018, but serious work on their development had started long before that.

And the instant success of our inks is owed to the fact that the product had already been fully developed, tested and brought to the highest level of quality.

BROVI pigments were the fruit of our desire to use high-quality pigments—and we gave this opportunity to other PMU artists. Join us!

The BROVI company @pigments_brovi

How the Ingredients
Affect the Results

The main advantage of BROVI pigments is the color retention up to 80–90% after the first treatment.

It was achieved thanks a well balanced mix with ingredients that are not harmful to the customer's health. We have used this formula for several years and have witnessed the retention it provides, both after the first treatments and after touch-ups—and even a year later, when clients came back for a renewal.

Since our studio opened its doors, a large percentage of our clients have become regular clients. So we cared about what we were putting into our clients' skin and how it then affected its condition.

Thanks to having built our own laboratory, we were able to carefully select only the highest quality government-approved components for the production, to abandon harmful preservatives (DMDM Hydantoin, etc.) and immediately use the fresh product for treatments in the studio, improving it with each new sample.

BROVI pigments contain safe glycerin, which means that no thickeners need to be added. Glycerin helps to "hold" thin lines, which is very important for PMU artists who work with the hair stroke technique. The lines won't float or disappear after a month.

Besides, there is no chromium oxide in the composition, which means that our inks will not turn green under any circumstances. Even from the most unsuccessful laser removal process.

Our lip pigments contain a minimum amount of titanium dioxide. They don't dry out the skin and don't come out through negative shades over time. The allowable proportion of titanium dioxide is required to make the colors vivid.

All the mixes behave predictably through healing. That is because they were compiled by an artist and a permanent makeup expert with more than 10,000 sessions under her belt, which means that each mix has been observed on hundreds of real clients with different skin types.

Color and Palette Properties

Color classification of BROVI pigments is quite simple and easy to learn.

The 8 available colors are more than enough to obtain any shade, as pigments can be mixed together, used with corrector or diluent if necessary. That's why our pigments are used a lot in training centers.

The balanced composition of inks is based on a mixture of pure colors (black, red, yellow) in different proportions.

Our pigments are classified as "hybrid", which means a combination of both organic and inorganic components. The use of organic colorants allows us to produce vivid and rich colors that look natural in the skin and do not turn into negative shades over time.

The intuitive palette of pigment colors was designed for the Fitzpatrick phototypes.

Each phototype has its own colors and working procedure:

  • Find the client's phototype on the diagram
  • Choose the right pigment or mix
  • Create permanent makeup
  • If you need to change the shade, use correctors

We don't see the point in creating five shades for blondes and ten for brunettes. And we don't want to deceive our client, much less make it harder for the PMU artist to do their job. Making life easier for customers and professionals—that's our mission.

The ink leaves the skin in 1.5–2 years, gradually getting lighter. Forget about the negative shades that have been scaring permanent makeup artists for so many years. With our pigments, this is definitely not going to happen.

BROVI pigments are perfectly removable with a laser and remover. This is proven by a huge number of removal tests in our studio, performed both on employees and models.

Lip pigments also have a simple palette: for warm lips, for cool lips, and neutral colors. Among them you will find both the most natural shades (Dusty Rose) and shades for more daring customers (Juicy Watermelon).

For PMU artists who specialize in the hair stroke technique, we created a special series of three colors: these are analogues of Roasted Chestnuts, Bitter Chocolate and Ripe Wheat, only warmer. This series makes it easier for PMU artists to do the bulk of the work, and then, create accents. And they don't require the use of correctors.

PMU Cartridge Needles

Cartridges, like pigments, are a key tool in permanent makeup. Having completed the development of our own pigments, in 2020 we started setting up the requirements for the launch our line of cartridges.

Since we had already performed tens of thousands of treatments and had dealt with various issues related to cartridges, it didn't take us long to determine the basic requirements:

  • We needed to combine all the necessary configurations for eyebrows, lips and eyes in one set — and to this day not a single manufacturer, including international ones, produces a single set of cartridges for all types of procedures
  • Consistent cartridge quality across the entire set. A constant problem for every owner of a large permanent makeup studio has always been to provide artists with needles that would give the expected quality outcome without “surprises”. It is especially difficult to do this when cartridges come from different manufacturers, some of which have proven to be reliable, some have unstable quality that varies from batch to batch, and some require long trial periods before any conclusions can be drawn.
  • Many, even well-known needle cartridges, seemed imperfect to us in one way or another. In particular, when it came to carrying out treatments in such a demanding technique as "Hyperrealism". We wanted to avoid all these discovered shortcomings by producing needle cartridges under our brand.

It took us 2 years from the moment we wrote the terms of reference, made the first prototypes, tested them extensively in our own studio and with the help of the amazing BROVI Pro Team, until we finally made a full-fledged launch of BROVI cartridges on the market.

While working on it we also trained PMU artists, and we repeatedly discovered that not all PMU artists understand what specific gauges are needed for, which zones require which needles, and what is the meaning of all these foreign abbreviations. We also tried to make this process as simple as possible in our cartridge selection system.

Support for PMU Artists and Dealers

Today, the number of BROVI pigment distributors worldwide is more than 120. They are represented in Europe, Asia, USA, Australia, Korea and Vietnam, CIS countries and Russia. In addition, hundreds of private PMU artists and schools work directly with us.

And we provide our partners with maximum comprehensive support:

  • We print and send brochures with recommendations for treatment of specific phototypes
  • We discuss the performed treatments in our own Telegram chat room
  • We consult clients on the ingredients through the Instagram messenger
  • We hold weekly live broadcasts on the hottest topics
  • We write and publish useful and easy-to-understand content

All the latest news appear on our Instagram::

In our profile, you can find all the information a permanent makeup artist needs to know about inks. Few manufacturers share so much knowledge with their audiences.

We publish a large number of healed treatment results after different periods of time and from different PMU artists. These treatment results are not tied only to the PMU artists who work in our company. On Instagram, you can see PMU created by of our partners from all over the country and the world.

We have all the necessary certificates(Certificate of Conformity, ISO, eco-certificate) and letters of explanation on why we do not need a particular document (refusal letters on the safety data sheet and SGR). Some of these documents are publicly available on the website, and we can provide any additional materials you may need upon request.