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Warranty and Return Policy for Brovi Products

By Brovi, Anna Kutsevolova's Company

Warranty Period

The period during which the manufacturer/seller is obligated to satisfy the customer's claims for elimination of defects in the Goods if a defect in the Goods is discovered.
The manufacturer/seller is liable for defects in the Goods, unless it proves that the defects arose after the delivery of the goods to the customer due to violation of the rules of use, storage or transportation of the goods by the customer, the actions of third parties.

The warranty period for BROVI pigments and other Goods sold at the webstore begins on the date of delivery of the Goods to the customer.

Exchange and Return of Goods of Due Quality

Due quality of goods is such a condition of goods, when all the mandatory requirements for goods stipulated by law or contract are met (or fulfilled), and as a result, the goods can be used for its intended purpose, and therefore be useful to the consumer. In addition, this quality also implies that the goods are safe and have no flaws.

The Buyer has the right to refuse the ordered Goods of due quality at any time before the Order is executed, and after the Goods are delivered within seven (7) days, excluding the day of purchase.

The Buyer has the right to exchange it for similar Goods from the seller from whom the Goods were purchased within fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery of the non-food Goods of due quality (excluding the day of purchase). In this case, the conditions similar to the return of Goods of due quality must be met.

Refund in case the Buyer Refuses the Goods

If the Buyer rejects the Goods of due quality, the Seller shall return the amount of money paid by the Buyer under the contract, except for the Seller's expenses for delivery of the returned Goods from the Buyer.

Refunds to Individuals for Cashless Payment

If the returned Goods were paid for by a bank card, the refund is made after the Buyer has made a relevant request and returned the Goods. The crediting of funds to the Buyer's bank card shall be carried out within the time limits set by the bank that issued the card.

Refunds to legal Entities for Cashless Payment

Refunds are made by bank transfer on the grounds of an official application indicating the details of the Company with the request to return the funds to the checking account of the organization. In this case, the money is returned within one week from the date the letter is reviewed.

Refunds of Cash Payments to Individuals and Legal Entities

Refund is made in cash at the cash desk of the Seller after the return of Goods and not later than ten (10) calendar days from the date of the Buyer's submission of the relevant request.