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Become a permanent makeup goods dealer

BROVI Around the World

Dealership Benefits

Dealer wholesale discount on pigments, cartridge needles, the machine
You independently set prices in your region or local area
One of the most loyal conditions on the market for the purchase of products
Official work under the dealer agreement with all the legal documents and receipts

One of the most famous and successful brands on the PMU market, thanks to the name of its creator — Anna Kutsevolova (@kutsevolova_anna).

A network of more than 100 active dealers around the globe and a team of professionals promoting the brand: this is BROVI Pro Team.

Affordable retail prices and favorable discounts for wholesalers.

Unparalleled and consistent quality ensured by the manufacturer.

Join us!

Requirements for Dealers

  • Availability of a point of sale or an online store, a store on marketplace, etc.
  • The first wholesale order for a set amount, which must include the entire basic range
  • Timely replenishment of product stocks to prevent unavailability of any items
  • Consulting of clients on products and best practices in their usage

Restrictions for Dealers

  • Wholesale resale of pigments is prohibited
  • Sending products abroad is prohibited
  • It is forbidden to sell products at a price lower than the recommended one (does not apply to promotions and special offers)
  • The recommended time for communication about the relocation of outlets, changes in contact details and social media accounts, changes of online store addresses is 3 business days

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