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A few words about pigments

  • Pigment retention up to 90% after the first treatment
  • Easy to implant and color stable through healing
  • Produced in BROVI's own laboratory
  • 5 basic brown colors for any shades
  • Safe formulas. All needed сеcertificates.
  • Components made in the USA
  • More than 100 distributors worldwide: Russia & CIS countries, Europe, North America, Asia

Video about production


Community of ambitious and talented permanent makeup artists who are united by a passion for their craft, constant striving for improvement and a desire to create exquisite and natural permanent makeup.

Each artist in our team is an individual with a unique style and approach to work.

Valeria Azimova


Experience: over 4 years. Master of the most recognizable lips. Prize winner at the PM_NON_STOP World Championship – 2nd place in 3D lips in the PROFI category. Conference speaker. Trainer of permanent makeup artists. Author of works that soar to the top of the charts

Katerina Lushchik


Two-time world champion in permanent makeup according to WULOP. Team leader of WULOP Belarus. Head instructor of the "Hyperrealism" course. Multiple-time champion at international permanent makeup conferences. Active PMU artist and coach. Works with male, female and pediatric alopecia.

Anna Taranko


Experience: since 2016. Performed over 9300 procedures, of which 7000 were hair strokes. Trained over 300 PMU artists. Creator of the online course PRO Hair Strokes. Judge at WULOP Vietnam 2023. Speaker at Asia Fest, WULOP Vietnam 2023, and Expert Izhevsk. Twice silver medalist in hair strokes at Red Max and Ice Max. Silver medalist in hair strokes at WULOP 2023.

Sveta Schwartz


Founder and trainer of her own PMU school and studio SchwarzBerry. Creator of lip primers. Author of the PRIMER LIPS course. Speaker at Permanent Evolution and WULOP Russia 2022. TopLevel 2020 prize winner. Skilled in all trendy PMU techniques. Treats clients with alopecia for free. PMU Artist of the Year 2020 according to INTERPERMANENT. Ranked in the top 100 artists of Russia 2021 (Profi Performance).

Olga Goldfarb


Experience: since 2019. Artist, mentor, and trainer for BROVI+ offline and online courses, frequent speaker at permanent makeup conferences. Founder of the studio and training center GO_pmu in St. Petersburg, Russia. Speaker at WULOP Russia 2022. Invested over 1 million rubles in education.

Anastasia Vagner


PMU artist and coach. Experience: over 3 years. Head of the aesthetic makeup studio Permanent Territory. Completed 23 advanced training courses in permanent makeup. Authored and defended her own manual "These are Different Brows."

Medea Mihlik


World champion at WULOP 2021. Champion at WULOP Russia 2021. Judge at WULOP Česko 2022. Speaker at international conferences. Head instructor of the courses Hyperrealism 2.0 and Hyperrealism 3.0. Inter Permanent 2019 prize winner. Global Permanent 2018 prize winner.

Irina Sporysh


Experience: over 6 years. Top artist and certified trainer in the Yugra District, Russia. Speaker at WULOP Russia 2022. Speaker at the international championship in Minsk SPOT 2024. Best Lips Artist IP Awards 2022. Creator of the Matt Lipstick technique. Graduate of the HITCH trainer course. Partner of the PROFI UP Training Center. Participant in permanent makeup conferences.

Alena Tverdostup


Grand Prix Inter Permanent 2023. 1st place in brows according to Inter Permanent 2023. Student of the HITCH 3.0 trainer course. Speaker and judge at eyebrow architecture championships. Prize winner at BrowXenna Awards 2022 in the "Best Technique" category.

Evgenia Zaytseva


Artist with artistic education and many years of experience. Training instructor. A sought-after specialist in her region. Participated in the Permanent Makeup Conference PERMANENTPROFI 2020. Participated in the NON-STOP Permanent online congress in 2021. Advanced training with multiple PMU champions on the national and international level.

Diana Aristova

Specializes in the hair stroke technique. Treats clients with alopecia for free. Bronze and silver medalist at the WULOP 2022 championship in Belarus. Bronze medalist and speaker at the non-stop show of the SPOT 2024 conference. Educates practicing artists in the hair stroke technique. Creator of the online course PEROBROWS on the hair stroke technique.