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Driving the Industry Forward Together

Anna Kutsevolova

Head of Brovi Pro Team

BROVI PRO TEAM are the best permanent makeup artists, speakers at international conferences, developers of their own techniques and unique pigment implantation methods. They are the true drivers of progress.

These people possess a unique style. They do not accept excuses, they don’t know the word “impossible”, they don’t accept failure. They have all come a long way to become what they are today, they made mistakes and learned from them.

You watch them do what they do, you learn from them, you admire them.

We are honored that these PMU artists choose BROVI pigments for their work.

Sveta Schwartz


Kaliningrad, Russia

  • Founder of Schwarzberry studio / training center and an extensive 3-month basic course
  • Five years in PMU More than 60 professional development courses under her belt
  • Winner of the Top Level 2020 championship in Sochi
  • PMU artist of the year 2020
  • She can remove even the non-removable
  • She often works on a charity basis and does not charge clients who have alopecia
  • Creator of Primer Set, a set of BROVI inks that enables flawless implantation of any color

Veronika Rosental


Tula, Russia

  • World-renowned PMU artist and coach
  • Gold and silver medalist in the lip PMU championship
  • Two-time gold and bronze medalist in the eyebrow PMU championship
  • Winner of Permanent Evolution 2020 for the best lip and eyebrow PMU, the Grand Prix winner
  • Speaker and judge of international conferences
  • Author of a unique technique: Victory Lips. Lips Without Swelling

Medea Mikhlik


Saint Petersburg, Russia

  • WULOP 2021 World Champion
  • WULOP 2021 Russia Champion
  • Winner Inter Permanent 2019 (Moscow)
  • Winner Global Permanent 2018 (Sochi)
  • Supervisor Hyperrealism 2.0 and Hyperrealism 3.0
  • Judge and speaker at numerous international conferences
  • Active PMU artist and teacher

Irina Korob


Saint Petersburg, Russia

  • Founder of MISSIRIS training center
  • Creator of two unique techniques: Mineral Inks in One Pass and FIRE LIPS
  • Certified permanent makeup trainer
  • She has participated in numerous championships as a judge and as a speaker at conferences and marathons
  • She has trained more than 750 PMU artists online and conducted the same number of live workshops
  • Creator of a step-by-step basic training system and a retraining system for experienced PMU artists

Artur Bisho


Moscow, Russia

  • Architect, artist and designer by education
  • PMU artist at Goar Avetisyan Beauty
  • Coach at Goar Avetisyan School
  • Artur thinks that nothing affects the face as much as eyebrows do, and that’s exactly why he fell in love with the hair stroke technique.
  • Anna Kutsevolova's former student. Just like Anna, Artur helps people restore eyebrows in cases of alopecia or after chemotherapy
  • Hyperrealism 2.0 course supervisor

Aida Shalakhaeva


Kokshetau, Kazakhstan

  • Founder Luxury PM, permanent makeup studio & school
  • Gold medalist of the permanent makeup championship PMU Artist Friendship (Russia)
  • Silver medalist of the permanent makeup championship CRYSTAL LOOK (Russia)
  • Bronze medalist of the permanent makeup championship CRYSTAL (Astana, Kazakhstan)
  • Participant of numerous PMU conferences and forums, such as: Golden Bee (Russia), Crystal (Kazakhstan), Express Time Permanent (Russia) and others

Katrin Luschik


Minsk, Belarus

  • Two-time world champion in permanent makeup at WULOP international conference
  • Hyperrealism 2.0 course supervisor
  • Hyperrealism 3.0 chief supervisor
  • Works for free with male, female and pediatric alopecia
  • Champion of numerous international PMU conferences, active PMU artist and teacher
  • Judge and speaker at numerous international conferences, championships and congresses
  • Member of the Association of Permanent Makeup Professionals of the Republic of Belarus
  • Participant and winner of International PMU conventions since 2016: BE Brow Expert (Moscow, Russia), Open LashArt Championship (Saint Petersburg, Russia), INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY fest (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • Laureate of the Lash Beauty Awards (Moscow)
  • Expert in removing low-quality PMU with Rejuvi remover

Julia Gamanets


Berdyansk, Ukraine

  • Highly qualified PMU artist. Holder of 6th degree certificate by Beauty Salon Standards Committee (КССК)
  • PMU artist accredited by Ukraine's Beauty Salon Standards Committee (КССК)
  • Author of proprietary course Eyebrow Artist. In-Depth Program
  • Developer of proprietary eyebrow design guide book
  • Gold price winner at Favorite Lash&Brow for henna eyebrow design
  • Organizer of workshops, speaker at eyebrow lamination workshops (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • Participant of conferences, championship and marathons: Lash & Brow ring 2017
  • Gold medalist of the Lash&Brow ring 2020 online championship in the nomination Permanent Eyebrow Makeup. Machine-Based Technique (Ukraine)
  • Judge of the qualifying round of the IBV 2021 Championship (Dnipro, Ukraine)
  • Speaker at the Pigment Marathon for Genesis PM
  • Speaker at PM Live Marathon
  • Non-stop speaker at the IBV Championship (Dnipro, Ukraine)
  • Speaker at the closed pigment marathon colors_of_pm
  • Speaker at the face-to-face conference A Day with Startatoo
  • Winner of the International Beauty Awards as one of the Top 10 Permanent Makeup Stylists
  • FaceS 2021 Championship Statistician
  • Judge of the IBV International Online Championship 2021

Denis Miridonov


Samara, Russia

  • International level PMU artist
  • Speaker and judge of numerous congresses and championships
  • Equipment developer for training courses
  • Author of master classes on a systematic approach to permanent makeup
  • The winner of the Volga region PMU championship for the best eyebrow ombré technique

Elena Getmantseva


Karaganda, Kazakhstan

  • PMU artist with a medical degree
  • Removes PMU of any complexity
  • Participant: Golden Needle (2015), Siberian watercolor (2016), Lash Beauty Awards (2016), Laserkonf No. 1
  • Winner of the PEOPLE AWARDS 2021 TOP as an "Expert of the Year in Tattoo and PMU Removal"

Ksenia Kuligina


Ontario, Canada

  • World-renowned PMU artist and coach
  • Vendor of the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation
  • She specialized in microblading for 3 years, then began to practice the Hyperrealism technique with the PMU machine
  • One of the top 10 students of Hyperrealism 2.0 course
  • Hyperrealism 3.0 supervisor
  • Hyperrealism supervisor for English-speaking students
  • Hyperrealism coach in Canada

Olga Goldfarb


Saint Petersburg, Russia

  • Permanent makeup artist and coach at G___O pmu studio in Saint Petersburg
  • 3 years in permanent makeup, 20 professional development courses under her belt, over 1000 satisfied customers and hundreds of positive reviews
  • $12,00 invested in knowledge
  • The most fundamental principle in Olga's work is "better underdo it than overdo it." Natural results and aesthetics—this is the essence of discreet permanent makeup!

Yana Klinkova


Tallinn, Estonia

  • PMU artist with degrees in healthcare and arts
  • She was among the top 10 students at Hyperrealism 2.0 course. As the most hard-working student, she won Anna Kutsevolova's internship
  • She thinks that nothing makes person's face beautiful as much as high-quality and natural PMU
  • She knows how to achieve perfect outcome with BROVI+ pigments

Anastasia Maximova


Samara, Russia

  • Practicing eyebrow design artist, manual and machine-based eyebrow PMU artist
  • Author of various courses on laser removal, permanent makeup and eyebrow art
  • Dermatologist
  • Eyebrow shaping champion in the nominations for classic brow shaping and eyebrow restoration at international championships
  • Eyebrow microblading champion at international championships
  • The best eyebrow stylist according to Top of Beauty 2016 (St. Petersburg)
  • Best brow stylist 2017 according to Lash Beauty Awards
  • Included in the TOP 100 best Lash&Brow artists in the industry
  • Eyebrow modeling and microblading judge at international competitions
  • Frequent speaker of specialized international congresses

Natasha D'souza


Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • Founder of Beauty Dreams LA studio & school in Los Angeles
  • WULOP 2021 USA Champion
  • International-level speaker and judge
  • Author of her unique techniques: 7 Carat Lips, Brilliant Lips and Dark Lips Neutralization

Olga Van Patten


South Jordan, UT, USA

  • PMU artist and coach
  • Art critic by education
  • Owner of three permanent makeup studios: in Salt Lake City, UT, Jackson Hole, WY, St. George, UT

Kristina Basko


Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

  • Founder and head of the aesthetic beauty center BASKO_TEAM
  • She operates as a coach of the promising school BASKO_PMU with the proprietary permanent makeup training program, basic courses, master classes
  • Leading permanent makeup artist since 2017
  • Absolute champion of the international PMU championship
  • Author of her own permanent makeup techniques
  • Judge, speaker of marathons and conferences
  • She has trained over 100 people from zero at her school and over 1000 people online

Anna Taranko


Russia, Saint-Petersburg

  • Artist-coach
  • 6 years in pro PMU
  • 9 000+ satisfied clients
  • 300+ trained PMU artists
  • Participant and winner of the professinal competitions

Irina Sporysh


Russia, Megion

  • Founder and head of the PMU coaching and beauty center PUDRA
  • Artist-coach with art education
  • Wulop Russia 2022 speaker
  • Best lips artist IP Awards 2022
  • TOP 100 PMU russian artist by IP Awards 2022
  • Author Matt Lips technique