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PMU Tattoo Machinefrom Anna Kutsevolova
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  • Engine
    М2 mini (Vlad Blad Irons)
  • Power
    9,3 Watts
  • Engine Speed (max.)
    10,000 rpm, 166 Hz
  • Torque
    35.6 mN⋅m
  • Needle stroke / Amplitude
    3 mm / 3 mm
  • What's included

    2 removable grips, user manual, warranty card

    Power unit not included
  • Weight (max)
    109 g
  • Diameter (max.)
    29 mm
  • Power source
    220V mains or battery
  • Voltage
    5–12 V
  • Connector
  • Body
    Anodized aluminum AD31T
  • Manufactured at
    VBI (Vlad Blad Irons) factory, Moscow, Russia

Anna Kutsevolova and Vlad Blad present Kometa

M2 MINI motor
Vlad Blad Irons

KOMETA is equipped with a custom motor designed by Vlad Blood—M2 mini, which has a power of 9.3 W, a torque of 35.6 mN⋅m and a maximum velocity of 10,000 rpm (166 Hz).

The motor has two reliable Japanese bearings, a reinforced unit with brushes, perfectly balanced rotor and the most powerful neodymium magnets. All of this is packaged in a tough anodized aluminum case.

The motor assembly is tight enough to make it difficult for oil to spill in and cause the malfunction, as is often the case with big-name motors.

In terms of reliability and power, VBI motors confidently compete and often surpass the motors by well-known brands. We have breakdown statistics on various motors from manufacturers and sellers of tattoo equipment, so we know what we're talking about!

M2 MINI motors have been installed in tattoo machines manufactured by VBI for the second year already.

The loads on tattoo machines are much higher than on KOMETA because of the duration of the sessions and the larger gauges of needles used, which means that KOMETA will last longer than other machines.

All tattoo machines are handcrafted

Advantages of Kometa

Needle stroke and stability

The needle stroke is 3 mm. The cartridge coupling mechanism is designed in a special way that automatically centers the shank of the cartridge, adds stability to the stroke and reduces needle jitter.

Reduced mechanical wear and low friction

Thanks to the selection of materials and sophisticated design, there is minimum friction inside the mechanism, which does not overload the motor and reduces wear. The carefully selected lubricant reduces friction and maximizes maintenance-free life.

Low Vibration

All moving elements are optimized and balanced so that their weight is minimal. Despite the light weight of the machine, the vibration remains insignificant.

Japanese reliability

All of the micro bearings in the mechanism and motor are made in Japan in a special high-precision manufacturing facility, which guarantees excellent quality and long life of the components.

Tests and launch

Each machine undergoes a mandatory test, which lasts at least one full day (the machine is connected to the unit and runs continuously for 24 hours).

The prototypes were tested personally by Anna Kutsevolova and a test group 0f 3 PMU artists selected by her for 5 months. After analyzing the healed permanent makeup, we made the necessary edits to the design, approved the final design and launched the production.


1 year

Warranty on all components

14 days

For exchange and return after purchase

Any attempts to open the machine will be detected. This will result in a loss of warranty.

If you purchased the machines from our partners, provide the receipt in any form for warranty service.

BROVI performs primary diagnostics of KOMETA machines.

VLAD BLAD IRONS carry out their warranty repair.

In case of breakdowns and on all matters of warranty service of KOMETA machines please contact: