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What Does the Needle Diameter Affect in Permanent Makeup?

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What Does the Needle Diameter Affect?

Let's figure it out today and, using a vivid example, we will see how the color intensity of the implanted pigment is affected only by the diameter of the needle that we use.

The photo shows two 1 RLLT cartridges by Envy Nano: with a diameter of 0,25 mm and 0,30 mm

Next to the photos of the needles, I demonstrate how I work with the same pigment, the same pressure, the same voltage setting on the power supply and the same machine. Pay attention to the color of the shading spot and the color of the lines.

It is completely different in terms of color temperature and saturation.

Why is this happening?

A thicker needle leaves a larger puncture in the skin, and more ink particles remain in it.

And the more ink, the more intense the color that we see.

Did you know about this fact? How do you choose needles for your work?

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