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Why Use a PMU Remover?

For removing unsuccessful or old permanent makeup.

Choose your preferred removal method:

  • If lasers don't achieve the desired results (e.g. when remnants of organic yellow pigment or inorganic green are left behind).
  • If you're not inclined towards using lasers, don't have access to one, or don't recognize their effectiveness.
  • You can combine laser and remover methods, but only if you understand the process and its purposes.

What's in the Remover?

Solvents and suspension stabilizers:

  • Water
  • Glycerol
  • Isopropanol


  • PEG400: Improves the penetration of remover components into the skin for easier pigment removal.
  • Polymer suspension property modifiers: They prevent the remover from drying, retaining moisture, and ensuring its prolonged usability compared to other removers.

Macroelement complex:

  • Magnesium oxide
  • Calcium hydroxide

Endogenous acids

  • Lactic acid
  • Glycolic acid

Permanent makeup remover BROVI

Detailed Information on Lactic and Glycolic Acids

The composition contains salts formed by endogenous acids and body-familiar macroelements (magnesium and calcium). The remover is based on natural compounds found in the human body.

Thanks to its unique composition, it allows for the removal of both organic and inorganic pigments with minimal skin irritation. Unlike other brands, it leans close to a pH neutral (around 7), minimizing the risk of chemical burns from highly alkaline or acidic removers.

We offer a single-component solution with enhanced efficiency and an improved formula, eliminating the need for prolonged removal procedures.

Set Includes

Upon purchase you will receive:

  • Remover
  • Healing gel

Apply the healing gel immediately after PMU removal, directly to the treated area.

About the Healing Gel

Our specially formulated healing gel offers anti-inflammatory properties, relieves skin irritation, and provides a cooling effect. Notably, the cooling sensation comes from menthyl lactate, an instant cooling component, rather than menthol, which avoids skin irritation. It acts as a soothing agent and is suitable for all skin types.

Thanks to this gel, clients can leave post-procedure without redness or swelling, and the treated area will also heal more rapidly.

Training for Using the BROVI Remover

There's no training available, nor will there be in the future. No certified trainers are available, nor will there be.

We won't offer expensive training on the remover because its use is straightforward.

The artist needs to understand PMU inks and the pigments used in their creation.

For instance, if a client's eyebrow PMU appears yellow/orange, the artist should remove the remaining yellow and orange organic pigments.

For salmon-colored eyebrows, it's an indication of residue from older inorganic products, where black and yellow pigments have turned red. Contrary to this, such an effect is impossible with the inorganic BROVI. The reasons for this are detailed here. By the way, this is impossible with inorganic series BROVI ONE. Why? Read here.

If it’s green, then the residue is likely from organic yellow and inorganic Carbon Black pigments. Alternatively, it might be from inorganic green—chromium oxide, which is quite rare.

Purple coloration on eyebrows is even rarer, given that the practice of mixing red pigments with blue to achieve brown shades has been abandoned long ago. However, if you observe a purple hue, it's probably due to organic red/orange combined with inorganic blue (copper phthalocyanine).

And, of course, black eyebrows are simply black.

A PMU artist should be aware of these details if they're using multi-component removers.

Guidelines for Using the BROVI Remover

When using the BROVI remover, there's no need to dwell on pigment classifications. Simply treat the old or subpar permanent makeup, wipe off the tinted residue from the client’s face, apply a healing agent, and allow a month for recovery.

Working with the BROVI remover isn't complicated. There's no requirement for specialized training or certification. Moreover, concerns about side effects, like chemical burns, are unfounded—they're virtually impossible.

The BROVI remover gently eliminates remnants of old permanent makeup without drying the client's skin, thanks to its special formulation. Most crucially, it's safe for the client’s health. Thus, here is a brief guide on working with BROVI remover, for which we won't charge you a dime:

Tips for work

  • Work with needle clusters. Using a larger cluster speeds up the treatment area and reduces the risk of skin injury. But this doesn't negate the option of single needles. If you do opt for that, the process will simply take longer. We recommend trying the largest cluster (25/5 RLLT) available in the BROVI cartridge range
  • Adjust the needle to a minimal protrusion
  • Set the voltage on the power supply to your usual level, but ensure it's in sync with your hand movement pace
  • Dispense a bit of remover into a cap. Ideally, draw the remover from a tiny "pool."
  • Address the area with permanent makeup. Use circular motions, applying pressure uniformly – much like you're inking a dense tattoo. Typically, one application suffices for the effective removal of inferior or old permanent makeup.
  • Cleanse the treated skin area
  • Administer the healing gel
  • Allow the client's skin a month to recover
  • If necessary, iterate the removal processes until you achieve the desired result

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