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Home Blog 25-10-2022

The problem with FK IRONS machines: XION and FLUX under 2021

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The problem

Your PMU needle cartridges pop out of my FK IRONS XION, XION S, FLUX and FLUX S machines!

The cartridge connector in the grips of FK IRONS machines released before mid-2021 is slightly larger than the standard connector in other machines (by CHEYENNE, BISHOP, MAST, EZ, etc.).

FK IRONS models released in 2022 are produced with a reduced size connector, and the cartridges do not pop out of them - it has been empirically verified.


What should I do?

It's simple: use a protective sleeve!

Tuck the top of the sleeve into the connector in the grip. This simple manipulation will improve the contact of the cartridge body with the inner walls of the grip, so the cartridge will be securely fixed. Even more practical for PMU artists and safer for customers!

МFor our part, we will slightly increase the diameter of the tail part of the cartridge, so our next batch will please everyone: both owners of FK IRONS machines produced before 2021 and owners of machines from fresh batches produced in 2022.

If similar situations happen with other machines, you can do all the same manipulations with the protective sleeve.

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