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What the Stroke Length Affects in Permanent Makeup

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What does the stroke length affect?

Pretty much everything. Just look at the picture, I attached a ruler for a reason:

All strokes are made at the same velocity on the power supply, with the same pressure, pigment and cartridge. Can you believe this?

Why is pigment saturation and pixel size so different?

Everything is very simple.

It's all about the technique

When we make a 1 cm long stroke, we do it with a rather powerful and fast movement. Provided that the needle stroke is at least 3 mm, you will get a crisp, beautiful pixel.The shorter the stroke length, the smaller and lighter the pixel, that's how physics works.

Imagine that you are cutting bread. If you cut it with a fast, powerful motion, you will cut hard, and if you cut it slowly, you will cut on the surface.

Likewise with strokes. Long stroke — fast movement — bright pixel. Short stroke — neat slow motion — light small pixel.

What do you think? Was it insightful? Do you know how to incorporate this principle in your work?

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