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Is there zinc in BROVI permanent makeup pigments?

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Is zinc oxide needed in lip tattoo pigments?

Permanent makeup artists are increasingly asking about zinc, and we do not know where it came from. Who came up with the idea that red/pink lip colors could have zinc oxide in them to give them that characteristic gloss?

Let's figure out what kind of substance it is and whether it is present in tattoo and PMU inks.

Zinc Oxide in Medicine and Cosmetics

Zinc does not exist in its pure form; upon contact with air, it immediately becomes covered with an oxide film. Remember, zinc is a metal.

Zinc oxide is used in healthcare as an anti-inflammatory agent. It also has an antiseptic effect and is widely used in cosmetic skin care products, in noticeably high concentrations. For example: the content of zinc oxide in the composition of ABENA Zinc Cream used for treatment of irritated and damaged skin is as high as 20%!

Regulatory documents are in order. Zinc can be used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

Zinc in the Production of Pigments for Permanent Makeup

GOST R 58391-2019 "Pigments for Cosmetic Tattooing. Safety Requirements" clearly limits the amount of zinc in the finished product. 50 mg per 1 kg - 1/20,000% - such a small amount of a substance cannot noticeably affect the physico-chemical properties of the ink. Let alone give a certain gloss to the lips.

Our opinion

Theoretically, zinc oxide can be used in the production of tattoo and permanent makeup inks:

  • it has antiseptic and healing properties
  • it normalizes the condition of damaged skin

In addition, zinc oxide is an inorganic pigment (CI 77947; CAS 1314-13-2). This is a white powder, but due to the fact that it is limited by safety requirements for tattoo inks, it is not used in production.

There is no zinc in BROVI pigments. As in all other inks.

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