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Pigment for Lips

Red Strawberry

15 ml
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Pigment for Lips

Red Strawberry

15 ml



warm red

Color temperature


Color retention after healing


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Juicy, warm red pigment. One of the "boldest" colors in our line of permanent lip makeup pigments. It can be used undiluted, whether you are working on cool or warm lips. For aquarelle lips effect, the manufacturer recommends adding diluent.

How to Use

Recommended to use undiluted for dense filling. For aquarelle lips effect, the manufacturer suggests adding diluent. You can adjust the saturation by the number of passes.

Reaction to laser

Pigment particles are easily fragmented and quickly removed from the skin

Reaction to remover

Good contact without side effects


Aqua, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Alcohol, CI 21095, CI 12477, CI 12475, CI 12466, CI 77891


Certificate of Conformity:
GOST-R No. РОСС RU.НВ56.Н01656

EAC Quality System Certificate:
No. ЕАС.04ИБН1.СМ.5355

Compliance with the environmental safety requirements:
No. РОСС RU.31915.04ПРБ0.01464

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