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How to Perform Permanent Makeup with BROVI Pigments on Complex Skin - a Guide from Anna Kutsevolova

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10% of Diluent At The Start

In general, Anna Kutsevolova recommends always diluting the regular set of our eyebrow inks (minimum 10%). This way the healed results will be lighter and warmer.

And now let's check the list:

Oily Porous Skin

Always add orange corrector (10%) and diluent,. The length of the stroke during treatment should be no more than 7 mm.

Sensetive Skin

Used more diluent (about 30%) — this is 3 drops of diluent per 7 drops of ink, for example. Use corrector as needed. Stroke length when working with sensitive skin — no more than 5 mm.

Aging Skin

It is recommended to always add yellow and b>orange correctors in the same proportion (for example, one drop of each). We also add more diluent 30% to 40%. Stroke length up to 5 mm.

Dry Skin

General rule: 40–50% of diluent. Use correctors as needed, depending on the phototype. Dry skin forgives some mistakes with the depth of implantation of pigments. You don't have to worry about this.

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