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New bottles design

Since December 2022, we have been introducing new branded bottles.

They are similar to the bottles we have used for ink since 2018, but they have two distinguishing marks:

  • BROVI logo on the bottle cap
  • the letter B in the corporate font at the bottom of the bottle

Why are we doing this?

Besides the fact that it looks cool, it protects us from fakes. Especially in Asian countries. For the third year in a row, BROVI dealers in Vietnam have been faced with a large number of fakes.

We can admit that the label is really well copied, the bottles are also extremely similar. But we doubt very much about the contents of these vials.

We have not seen fakes in the Russian market, European countries, the USA and Canada.

How to identify fake?

Distinctive features of counterfeit products:

  • On fakes, the dates are marked with a date stamp: the dates are blue. We stopped doing that in 2018. All dates are written on the labels before the batch is printed.
  • On fakes, Roasted Chestnuts is called Fried Chestnuts. The real name is Roasted Chestnuts.
  • The fakes have large gaps in the text on some of the labels. We make the most of the available space to indicate all the necessary information and comply with the requirements for labels.
  • In fakes, there are often labels in Russian and Vietnamese. All labels for the Asian market are in English.
  • Fakes cost less than $20. Even with discounts, our dealers buy from us for more than $20 per bottle. This means that they will definitely not sell cheaper.

Please note that BROVI is not responsible for work performed with inks not purchased from an authorized dealer. We cannot guarantee the quality of counterfeit products.

Where to buy original BROVI in Asia?

You can buy original BROVI inks in Asia only from official dealers:

  • UAE, Dubai

    Al Barsha 1 , Al Attat Business Centre , shop 28 - Dubai

    +971 50 601 7552

  • UAE, Dubai

    ILona Lashes & Brows


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